Shed Features and Options


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Construction Upgrades:

Approx 7’ Wall Height



6’ wall height is standard

Real Wood Trim
(Wood Panel Siding)



Wood Panel comes standard with metal Trim. Wood Lap Siding already includes wood trim&caulking

All Treated Floor 



3/4” Treated plywood with 16" on-center treated 2x4 floor joists.
4x4s are always treated lumber and the outermost floor joists are standard always treated.

Dimensional Shingles



Lifetime dimensional shingles compared to the standard 25 year 3tab shingles used

Roof Pitch Change



Change standard 4/12 pitch to a steeper pitch of 6/12 or 8/12. Hip Roof or Quaker Style Roof Lines also offered by request

Roofing Felt



Most counties require this option if getting a permit

House Wrap

House wrap is recommended if you will be insulating your shed now or in the future. It will help with regulating temperature inside of shed.

Heavy Duty Floor



12" O.C Floor joists with 3/4" treated plywood flooring.

Boxed Eaves



Boxed Eaves are a great addition to your shed if you would like to match similar eaves to your house, or like the fancier look.

Board Eave Overhang Aprx 6"

This is A Board Eave comes out about 6" to keep water running off. Eaves are NOT a  standard feature


Light/Ventilation Options:

Louver Eaves



Custom wood vent. Comes with screen

Side Vents


Perfect for those who are using sheds for workshops, animals, or will need additional air flow in shed. Ridge vent comes standard.





Great for additional lighting, or those using sheds for offices. Amber tint.

Aluminum Windows




Single-hung with screens and grids. Choice of various sizes- including large 24x36 sizes, and smaller.

Aluminum Half-Moon Windows





Sizes to fit above your rectangular window, or to stand alone.

Vinyl Windows





Single-hung, tilt-in windows with screen

Storage Options:






Strong plywood loft 4’ out on end wall of your choice

Super Loft

Custom-built for each shed to maximize overhead storage. Includes two lofts on either end and small lofts on both sides, with access in the center.





2’ Wide heavy duty workbench that runs length of one end



1x8 shelves for small storage

Door Options:

6’ Wide Doors


Compared with standard 5’ wide doors. Other sizes upon request

Extra Door


Wood door

Metal door


Vinyl Layover

5x7 Roll-up door

15 light 5' wide

15 light 6' wide


Wood Decorative Trim




Dead Bolt Lock




Metal doors only  


Heavy Duty Ramp



Treated 2x6 boards. 3 ½’ long

Added Length to Ramps

You may choose to add length to your ramp to lessen the severity of the slope

Economy Ramp




Treated 2x6 boards. 3 ½ ‘ long




Two steps   

Decorative Options:




Paintable wood or white vinyl shutters. Other colors may be available by request

Flower Box




White vinyl flower box



  treated wood



Decorative Dormer




*Set of (4) high wind anchors at $290 is required for sheds 200 square feet and larger to meet insurance and code requirements. Sheds 256 square feet and larger require (8) anchors to meet code requirements. Second set of anchors are sold are a reduced price of $150.00. Additional charges will apply if foundation work below grade is required. (Usually for sheds 256 square feet or larger only.) We charge $40 per hole up to 18" deep, including block.